Where Has Davis Schwimmer Been?

String Of Bad Publicitiy

Schwimmer made a comment about letting his daughter try alcohol, and his neighbors were upset that he demolished a historic home he purchased. This attention was the wrong type for an actor trying to make a new name for himself.

Distracted By Legal Battles

No good deed goes unpunished. David Schwimmer was publicly accused by a charity worker of demanding compensation for appearing at a fundraising event. Schwimmer sued the man for defamation and won, but the case took time away from his career.

People vs. OJ Simpson

In what has perhaps been his best work since Friends, Schwimmer played Robert Kardashian in the OJ Simpson miniseries American Crime Story. If he was looking for a big break, this certainly could have been it. Is that what Schwimmer really wants?

Schwimmer Shunned The Limelight

David Schwimmer doesn’t like being recognized in public. That’s why he opted to play a behind the scenes role as a director, rather than act, after filming Friends. Since then, Hollywood casting directors have moved on from him.