Where Has Davis Schwimmer Been?

David Schwimmer has played some pretty iconic characters. He was Ross Geller from Friends and Melman the hilarious giraffe from Madagascar. Lately, David Schwimmer hasn’t been in many roles. While it’s easy to assume he’s merely taking an early retirement, there might be a little more to it.


A Disappointing Movie

After Friends, David Schwimmer starred in a movie called Duane Hopwood in which he showed his more dramatic side. Despite rave reviews from movie critics, the movie didn’t do well at the box office. His next move didn’t help matters.

Acting Off Screen

After the Hopwood debacle, Schwimmer left the silver screen for the big stage. Up until 2012, he took part in several different plays. One of them almost went to Broadway. Critics’ opinions about his plays involved the worst possible insult.


Critics said that Ross, I mean Schwimmer, still reminded them of Ross Geller. Despite playing a wide range of roles, he just couldn’t seem to live down the iconic character. Typecasting has caused the demise of many acting careers.

Feed The Beast

David Schwimmer’s next move was to play a character that was as far from Ross Geller as you can get. He played an alcoholic, single father, and restauranteur who stumbled into organized crime in Feed the Beast. The show ended after one season.