This Is Why You Recognize Chirssy Metz, And It’s Not Because Of Being Kate Pearson From This Is Us

Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate on This Is Us has made her rounds on the talk show circuit telling stories of being virtually destitue before landing her latest role. While this is certainly her big break, it’s not the first time Metz has made it to the big screen.


American Horror Story

In the FX anthology series American Horror Story, Metz protrayed the supporting role of Ima “Barbar” Wiggles, the scorned daughter of a wealthy socialite who joins a sideshow after being banished from the family mansion. Metz had to suit up with padding to play the morbidly obese character.

Jimmy Kimmel

Before she was a superstar, Chrissy was an audience member of Kimmel Live, but she got escorted out by security for heckling the celebrity guest who was proclaiming her love for the Florida Seminoles, rivals of Chrissy’s beloved Florida Gators.

My Name Is Earl

In an episode of the popular series My Name Is Earl, Earl wanted to give his brother Randy the expereince of going to cheerleading camp. There the pair met Chunk, played by Metz, a quirky, clumsy, cheerleader. Like many of her pre-Kate roles, Metz was typecast because of her weight.

All Of Us

Although she didn’t play the stereotypical “fat girl” on the sitcom All Of Us, Metz did play an assistant. In real life, Metz became an assitant because acting wasn’t paying the bills, but she never gave up on her acting dreams.