Pierce Brosnan’s Wife Lost 105 Lbs… You Won’t Believe What She Looks Like Now!

It can’t be easy being the wife of the charming James Bond, but journalist Keely Shaye Smith makes it work. She and Pierce Brosnan have been married for over 20 years, with their relationship often in the Hollywood spotlight. Keely’s weight, unfortunately, led to vicious rumors and speculation for years. However, she would finally get the victory in the end. Keep reading to see what she looks like now!


Model Start

Keely is quite accomplished in the entertainment industry herself.  She got her start as a video model in the 1986 visual for “Stuck With You” by Huey Lewis and the News. With her thin figure then, she was able to easily transition into modeling. But she soon moved on to find her real passion…

TV Beauty

Keely ultimately went to college as a journalism major, and also snagged a few acting gigs.  She also got jobs in broadcasting. She ended up becoming an environmental correspondent for ABC’s The Home Show and then Unsolved Mysteries. Her beauty and work soon attracted the attention of Keely’s future husband!

Marriage In Hollywood

Pierce and Keely first met in 1994 on a beach in Mexico. The two dated for years afterward and were married in 2001. Keely not only helped to raise Pierce’s children from his first marriage but also blessed him with two sons. She focused more on family, and not her weight. She ended up putting on some extra pounds, looking different than when she appeared on the scene…

Weight Gain

Putting her career to the side, Keely focused on raising her kids. Over the years, she began to just enjoy time with her husband and children. She also gained a significant amount of weight, which ultimately put at the mercy of gossip mags.