8 Tips To Make Sure You’re Always Comfortable During Air Travel

Air travel can get pretty uncomfortable due to temperature fluctuations and feeling cramped–even further if you are not dressed appropriately. Thats why choosing the right clothes for flying is crucial. These eight tips will ensure that you’re comfortable without looking like you’re dressed for a mile-high slumber party.


Layers Are Essential

The temperature from the departing city to the airport to the plane and to the arrival city will fluctuate lots, so layers are a must. A t-shirt and a comfy sweater or jacket for ease of removal are ideal.

Flat, Comfortable Shoes

Flying involves plenty of walking, so comfortable shoes like sneakers or even the right flats should be worn so your feet don’t hurt when you’re sitting for hours. Plus, they make it easier to get through airport security.

Breathable Materials

Fabrics that are breathable are ideal for traveling, allowing for the possibility of some sweat without the material absorbing it, likely leaving you feeling a bit dirty. Think cotton or linen, fabrics that allow the air to pass through easily.

Stretchy Pants

Wearing the wrong pants on a flight can be a comfort nightmare, so finding clothing items with the ability to stretch is necessary. For ladies, comfy leggings are the best option, and for men, jeans that contain a stretchable component.