8 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Malia Obama (And They Won’t Disappoint)

One might think the daughter of former U.S. president Barack Obama would be an open book, but the reality is, Malia Obama’s true self has largely remained unknown. Pretty much everyone knows she goes to Harvard, but other than that, a few more interesting details have finally come out.


Her Birthday Is The Same As America’s

How coincidental that Malia’s birthday is July 4th and her father was a two-term U.S. president. Because her dad always had engagements that day, she ended up spending many birthdays in hotels, where they had a blast anyway.

She’s Allergic To Dogs, Even Though The Obamas Have Two

The Obamas got two Portuguese water dogs after promising the girls a dog during Barack’s presidential campaign. That wouldnt be weird, except Malia is allergic to dogs. She has no problems despite the breed’s tendency to cause allergic reactions.

Malia Loves Soccer Despite Not Being Good At It Initially

Malia played soccer growing up. Even though she started off not playing that well, she was encouraged to play anyway. She’s also a huge soccer fan, and was thrilled at the opportunity to almost meet Argentinian soccer star Messi.

Her Driving Lessons Were From The Secret Service

Did you know sitting presidents aren’t allowed to drive? What that meant for Malia when she turned 16 in the White House was someone else had to teach her to drive, and that someone else was and agent of the Secret Service.