8 Famous Former Wrestlers Who Look NOTHING Like They Used To

Most WWE and WCW fans will remember the faces of these top wrestlers from inside the ring, but might not recognize them now. Once retired, wrestlers often lead very different lives, and in turn look very different too. See which of these eight famous wrestlers you recognize and which surprise you the most.



Rick Steiner – The Dogface Gremlin

One-half of the Steiner brothers, Rick called himself the Dogface Gremlin. He had a variety of outlandish facial hair styles and liked to drop people on their heads. While he is still somewhat recognizable with his goatee, he’s definitely a long way from the barking wrestler we all remember.

Vladimir Kozlov – The Russian Hardman

Kozlov was the ultimate Russian hard-man that everyone loved to hate. He never smiled, beat his opponents to a pulp and was a tough act to follow. However, he may be recognized by some as he’s trying to break into acting with some success. His big bushy beard is a little distracting though.

Tammy ‘Sunny’ Sytch


Sunny was a ray of light in the world of WWE. She was beautiful and had the charisma and sex appeal to make her one of the most popular female wrestlers of the nineties. This is no longer the case as she battles a drug addiction. Sadly she looks nothing like the sunny personality we all loved.

Scott Hall AKA Razor Ramon

Scott Hall was the mafia wrestler of the WWE. He dominated both WWE and WCW, but is now a former shell of himself. Much like Sunny, he is battling addiction, though reportedly doing much better than he was. However, his struggle with addiction is definitely visible.