7 Odd Things Queen Elizabeth Packs For Travel… And The One Thing She Doesn’t

While the Queen may be just another lady, she certainly has specific privileges that come with being the face of England. Her packing list is just like ours– underwear, clothes, toiletries– but there are some additional items that none of us would think to pack. Here’s a list of the most interesting items we know about.


A Monogrammed Tea Kettle

It’s a well-known fact that the Brits love their tea, but the royal family takes it to the next level. Queen Elizabeth travels with her own personalized tea kettle and earl grey tea on all of her trips, though it seems the caffeine isn’t enough to keep her jet lag at bay.

Her Favorite Fix for Jet Lag

While people swear by big breakfasts or specific sleep schedules, the Queen has too much on her schedule to spend time worrying about jet lag, especially because she travels so much. The Queen’s favorite treatment for any jet lag she might encounter are barley sugars, her favorite hard candy.

Bright Outfits

If you’ve ever wondered why the Queen wears her vibrant pantsuits and hats, it’s more than just her personal taste. When people go to see the Queen somewhere, they want to say they saw her, and when crowds are as massive as they often are, it’s hard to catch a glimpse of her. The bright colored wardrobe makes her easier to spot through rows and rows of other adoring fans. But on some occasions, something darker is necessary.

Black Outfits

On a darker note, the Queen (along with the rest of the royal family) always packs an all-black outfit so she can always be funeral-ready. In the event of an unexpected death in the family, they must be ready to arrive back in the country in black as a sign of mourning. However, the doctors that travel along with the royal family are prepared for health conflicts, and pack supplies accordingly.