Secrets Behind The Three Stooges That You Won’t Believe!

The Three Stooges, Larry, Curly and Moe were the ultimate in comedy for their day but back then things were a bit different in television and movies and even fame only took you so far.

So, here are some secrets behind The Three Stooges that you simply won’t believe!


220 Films Led To Only One Oscar

It’s hard to fathom it but The Three Stooges appeared on the silver screen over 220 times but only one of those movies was thought worthy of an Oscar nomination.

Men In Black from 1934 was that movie and it didn’t even win!

Larry Fine Lost Money On Burgers

Larry Fine wasn’t exactly the fiscally wisest of the Stooges and after the movie catalog started to decline in popularity, he thought he’d invest his cash.

Sadly, he tended to pick losers just like his short-lived burger chain “Stoogeburgers” and yes, we wish we were making that up.

Lucille Ball Owes Her Big Break To The Three Stooges

In 1934’s Three Little Pigskins, a certain Lucille Ball appears for the very first time on screen. She was playing the role of Daisy Simms.

She has told the press that she thinks The Three Stooges were responsible for her big break.

They Made Only $1,000 A Week

You probably thought that was $1,000 a week each but it wasn’t. Until Men in Black won its Oscar nomination, the three men shared a $1,000 a week paycheck.

With the Oscar that was put up to $7,500 a week but it was still shared three ways!