Multi-Million Dollar Weddings That Will Leave You Baffled

How do you know when you’ve really made it in life? Is it when you can afford to spend more on a wedding than most people can spend on their home?

We don’t think so, but that doesn’t stop us from being slightly envious of those who can do that. Here are 8 couples that did.


The Russians Get Us Started At $30 million

Andrey Melnichenko & Aleksandra Kokotovic are the lowest spenders on our list and they still managed to blow a cool $30 million on their nuptials.

This included paying Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera $3.6 million, each, to sing at the event.

Chinese Celebrities Cough Up The Cash

Angela Yeung & Huang Xiaoming needed to showcase China’s newfound wealth and what better way for its two celebrity superstars to join hands than to spend $31 million on their wedding?

2,000 people were allowed to come in person, but the whole nation was welcome to live stream it.

The First Royal Wedding On The List

Prince William & Kate Middleton are our first British Royal couple to make our list and their wedding set them back a cool $34 million.

However, this sum pales in comparison to the most expensive royal wedding which took place a few years before.

The British Royal Family Didn’t Go Cheap

While the wedding of Prince Charles & Princess Diana in 1981 cost “only” $48 million, you’d need $110 million today to do it all over again.

It was considered to be a fairy-tale wedding but this fairy-tale needed more than a glass slipper and a couple of pumpkins.