After Husband’s Mysterious Disappearance, Wife Discovers The Devastating Truth About Him


In 1993, Richard Hoagland mysteriously vanished without a trace, leaving behind his wife Linda and two sons. Believing Richard to be dead, Linda tried to her best to move on and take care of her family. However, 23 years later, his family discovered the shocking truth about what really happened with Richard…


A Seemingly Happy Life

Richard and Linda lived in Indianapolis, Indiana, with their two boys, Matthew and Douglas. They all had a pretty good life together, participating in regular family activities. Though the couple had the occasional spat, there was nothing out of the ordinary. Linda had no idea what would happen years down the road…

A Phone Call

In February 1993, Linda received a random phone call from Richard that he had gone to the emergency room. When she checked all of the local hospitals, none had any record of him. Returning home, Linda could find no sign that Richard had left. Then she received another strange phone call…

Gone Without A Trace

Richard called Linda a few times after that. In one call, he told her that the family would be better off without him. In another, he said he refused to go to jail and would never come back. Richard was gone, leaving Linda and her sons with nothing but financial issues. To make matters worse, Linda was also being investigated by police about Richard’s disappearance!

Picking Up The Pieces

Police believed that Linda knew exactly where Richard was and that this was all a financial hoax. Linda denied the claims but had much bigger fish to fry. She was not able to pay the family bills and had to eventually declare bankruptcy. She and her family even went into hiding from the police. Decades later, though, everyone discovered the truth about what happened to Richard…