Feel The Need, The Need For Insane ‘Top Gun’ Secrets

In 1986, Top Gun became a surprise hit with nearly $356 million earned at the box office. More importantly, it also shed some light on naval aviation. With the highly anticipated 2019 sequel Top Gun: Maverick headed our way, we take a look at some tidbits about the classic film.


Revving Up Your Engine

“Danger Zone” is one of the most popular songs from the film. Before Kenny Loggins was involved, the songwriters had a small list of possible music acts. Toto, Corey Hart, REO Speedwagon, and Bryan Adams were all asked to provide vocals.

Watching In Slow Motion

“Take My Breath Away” was almost not set to be Berlin’s number one hit. Soundtrack producer Giorgio Moroder asked new wave band The Motels to record it for the movie. The group did, but Moroder went with Berlin anyway.

Rejection Role

Tom Cruise wasn’t the first choice for the role of Maverick. Tom Hanks, Nicolas Cage, and Scott Baio are among those asked to play the character. Shockingly enough, they all turned the role down because they assumed it would fail.

Stinger Splash

In the movie, James Tolkan’s character was simply addressed as “Sir.” If you take a good look at the credits, his character’s nickname was “Stinger.” He’s the only character to not be addressed by their given nickname.