The Bewitching Life Of Elizabeth Montgomery

Bewitched was one of the most popular TV shows of the 1960s and Elizabeth Montgomery, who played Samantha Stevens (the witch of the title), was a huge star.

Her life was incredibly interesting both on and off screen, so join us as we peek behind the curtain of a fulfilling life. This is Elizabeth Montgomery as you never knew her before.


There Was No CGI To Work The Magic

She may have wrinkled her nose and waved her hand to “zap” everything clean but in reality; the camera was paused and a team of cleaners was sent on to tidy up.

Then the camera started rolling again. That shattered our belief in magic, we can tell you.

Elizabeth Hated Hollywood But Loved Japan

In the years 1980 to 1983, Elizabeth Montgomery turned her back on Hollywood (a place that she had never felt at home in) and went away to Japan to make commercials. She made a lot of money at it too.

She Made Other People’s Babies Samantha!

When a star has a huge influence, people name their children after them or in Elizabeth’s case, they name them after the star’s character.

Samantha was a hugely popular name in the 1960s thanks to the smash success of Bewitched!

That Nose Twitch Was A Nervous Tic

The famous nose twitch that meant Samantha was working her magic was, in fact, a facial tic of Elizabeth’s when she was nervous. It happened so often that they decided to work it into the show rather than work around it.