Vanessa Trump Is Leaving Donald Jr., But The Reason Why Isn’t What You’d Expect

So, it’s official: Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa are going to be getting divorced. But what are the reasons for the couple’s split?

Well, before you start pointing the finger at Don Jr.s’ father, it’s worth noting that the President of the United States had nothing to do with this. Here’s what’s really been going on.


Page Six Saw The Writing On The Wall

Donald Trump Jr.’s marital problems were predicted in Page Six on March 14th, 2018. They announced that they saw divorce in the future.

And the very next day, the Trump couple released a statement confirming their 12-year marriage was over.

Was Don Jr. Cheating?

The singer Aubrey O’Day was linked to Donald Jr. romantically. Inside sources say that she fell for him hard and that he told her he was going to leave his wife.

However, it’s also thought Vanessa found out and put a stop to things between the two.

Social Media Horror Stories

Friends of the couple also say that Vanessa had become increasingly tired of her husband’s bombastic and attacking nature on Twitter.

In particular, she seems to have been offended by his pro-gun Tweets in the wake of the Parkland shootings.

An Anthrax Scare Probably Didn’t Help

Vanessa Trump, in February 2018, opened a package at home to find she’d been mailed a lot of white powder.

It turned out to be corn starch after it was tested but you can imagine the fear of anthrax poisoning didn’t endear her husband’s family to her.