Fly Happier By Leaving These 8 Items In Your Closet

Airline travel and be fun and exciting, but it can also be uncomfortable and inconvenient. There are lots of factors you can’t control — long lines, crying babies, delayed flights — but you can control your comfort level by wearing the right clothing. Know what to not wear on a plane and you can avoid health, comfort, and security issues and get on with your trip.


Uncomfortable or Impractical Shoes

We all have to take them off, put them back on, and then sit for hours in a cramped space. Don’t wear shoes with fussy straps, high heels, flimsy material (like flip-flops), or anything that stops you from moving quickly so you’ll miss your connection or taxi.

Tight Pants

Skip pants that have a tight or inflexible waistband. Sitting in them for long will be uncomfortable, and many people bloat on airplanes because of the low pressure. Tight pants can cut off circulation and cause DVT, or Deep Vein Thrombosis, a potentially deadly condition.

Lots of Metal Jewelry

A wedding ring or favorite necklace shouldn’t cause problems, but don’t wear half your jewels to board a plane. It’ll potentially bog you down with extra time at security, so it’s best to either pack or leave your jewelry at home.

Complicated Clothing

Especially when it’s time to use the restroom, you’ll want to skip any complicated clothing. The more snaps, zippers, or straps on your outfit, the less you’ll want to try to reassemble your wrap dress in the phone booth-sized bathroom. Keep it simple!