Farmer Discovers Possible Prehistoric Animal On His Property

Farmers tend to experience redundant days. Their dedication to routine is what makes a farm successful. However, a farmer near Buenos Aires, Argentia had his routine existence thrown for a loop when he discovered a giant, scaly mystery object on his property. His journey to solve the possibly prehistoric enigma would eventually lead to a remarkable discovery.


Overseeing The Farm

Farmer Jose Antonio Nievas was enjoying a regular morning walk on Christmas Day in 2015. He surveyed his land and made notes of the tasks he needed to complete that day. He would soon find this Christmas wouldn’t be like any other day.

The Giant Discovery

Nievas was never surprised when he discovered different variations of flora or fauna. He was quite familiar with the animal life surrounding his land. As he made his way along the stream on his property, a giant object caught his eye.

Wedged In The Mud

A large and spherical object was wedged in the bank next to his stream. It looked like a rock until he got a little closer. He noticed the object was covered with a layer of mud and decided to clean it off for a closer look.

A Dragon’s Egg?

Upon clearing away some of the grime, he began to see and feel scale-like protrusions from the mystery object. It displayed dark colors with some hints of green along with the textured scales. His daily mission was now to remove the object from the bank and get to the bottom of the mystery.