8 Movies That Still Confuse Us

Movies are supposed to entertain us, perhaps even teach us something. That’s what we want on a Saturday night with our friends. However, some movies leave us feeling more than a little confused (and some with a headache). Here are eight famous movies people still don’t understand. Even after watching them twice.


Batman Vs Superman

It was hyped up as the comic book movie of the decade, but most people have no idea what happened with this movie. Between the elaborate dystopian dream sequences and time travelling visits from the Flash (and basically the entire plot) it ended up as a weird film that left fans more confused than anything else.


Prometheus was supposed to be an Alien prequel, giving us an insight into the universe surrounding the original films and perhaps even kicking off a reboot of the franchise. Instead, we got hints, questions and, well… some more hints. And for some reason, Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen. We’re still not sure why he was there…

The Prestige

Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige is complex and fascinating, but leaves us with a haunting question at the end. Hugh Jackman’s character Angier clones himself over and over to perform the water tank trick. The clone drowns, Angier lives, and in the end, we’re not sure if he’s the original Angier anymore. Oh and he has a warehouse full of skeletons, so there’s that.


This movie is one that leaves us wondering what’s real and why and the question alone gave viewers a headache. Does the Solaris cause hallucinations in its inhabitants? If they know nothing is real, why does George Clooney’s character stay? It’s possible he’s asking the same questions we are, to be honest.