These 8 Celebrity Couples Were Caught Fighting In Front Of The Wrong People

Fame may be a dream for many, but there’s no doubt that being a celebrity comes with some serious baggage. Toss a committed relationship into the mix and you have yourself somewhat of a full plate. That’s not even the thick of it: if you’re famous you’re always certain someone’s watching you, but don’t just take it from a normie like myself. These eight couples have had private disputes spill over into public and, in some instances, they were even caught on camera.


Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult

This former couple’s argument actually occurred after they threw in the towel for good.¬†Lawrence and Hoult’s relationship was a bit complicated after first meeting on the set of X-Men: First Class, resulting in their final breakup in 2014.¬†But in 2015, the two had it out at Comic Con over a sushi date between Hoult and his ex Kristen Stewart in an alleged attempt to rekindle an old flame.