You’ll Never Guess The Size Of Leonardo DiCaprio’s… Yacht

What’s the point of being rich and famous if you can’t flaunt it, right?

So while we mere mortals are being crammed into cattle class on planes and into our cars on ferries, the elite are doing something different.

These are the preferred modes of transport used by the wealthiest people in America. Check out DiCaprio’s yacht, it’s unbelievable.


Bill Gates Loves His Bombardier BD-700

Bill Gates is giving all of his wealth away to charity after he passes on. Until then, he’s running a $40 million private plane and going where he chooses on it. You can get 20 people onboard plus a crew. Imagine that.

The Galactica Star Is Beyonce And Jay-Z’s Play Thing

The world’s biggest celebrity couple has a $73 million 213-foot yacht called the Galactica Star.

You can only fit 12 people on the yacht though, so you’d have to be real close to the family to get an invite to spend some time there.

Diane Von Fürstenberg’s All Aboard The EOS Yacht

Diane’s EOS Yacht is one of the world’s largest and she’s said to be very generous with her hospitality on board.

However, there is one rule that all guests must obey – they have to take their shoes off before they get on. No exceptions.

Harrison Ford Flies A CJ3 Citation Jet

Harrison Ford likes the thrill of the roar of jet engines and he’s a licensed pilot.

So, he bought himself a C13 Citation Jet for $4.6 million and he flies it when he’s not making movies. That sounds like a lot of fun to us.