Prank Facebook Account Trolls Evangelical Preacher Joel Osteen

No matter how much scrutiny churches and megachurches receive, it appears there are still hundreds of thousands of gullible people willing to give up their hard earned money for some divine intervention. Jesus would have obviously wanted them to put millions of dollars into extravagant structures while homeless people starve in the street. It’s got to be in the Bible somewhere.

Perhaps no pastor has accumulated so much wealth as in Joel Osteen. Thankfully, for a short time, Osteen’s troll “Joel Oldsteen” was there to call out the parsimonious preacher for all of his holy hypocrisy. Even after Facebook shut his account down, some of his antics survived the Internet for us to enjoy.


15. A brief glimpse at the rise of Joel Osteen.

14. While his followers were paying $50 per prayer, Joel Osteen was building this modest home.