Secret, Unexpected and Heartwarming Confessions From Prom Goers

Prom night has arrived. Boys and girls will be primping for the evening hoping for a magical night to be remembered for the rest of their lives.

First impressions mean everything on prom night. They have to look their best for the incessant photo sessions with family and friends on the lawn, in the park or wherever the photographer thinks may be a fitting venue, as well as for their entry into the prom ballroom. All eyes will be on each couple as they enter the room.

After the prom is over, some confessions are made by prom goers. Thanks to Whisper, we are privy to some of these real life confessions. Some are totally off the wall, with some being heartwarming and inspirational, thus giving hope to future prom goers.


15 – Bullies Beware

Prom night requires a new dress. It has to be just right and needs to highlight the wearer’s natural features. Many young girls lack self-confidence in school. They are also made fun of by the bullies because they may not seem to fully “fit in.” Won’t they all be surprised when that less than self-confident girl shows up looking like someone new. Bullies won’t be bullying that night.

14 – The Best Dress Is One That’s Made at Home

High school can be intimidating thanks to peer pressure. With many families, money is in short supply preventing the purchase of the latest dress fashions. What’s the next best thing? Making the dress themselves. For much less the cost, a home-tailored dress can outshine the fanciest and most expensive store bought dress. It may just cause classmates to wish they had done the same thing.

13 – Fixing the Election for the Better

The Prom King usually is someone who is at the top of the social ladder. It’s pretty much a given that the class jock will become Prom King. So it can be a gratifying experience to influence the outcome of an election so that person who is less socially positioned wins. Oh, to be King for the night.

12 – A Joke Gone Awry

A joke played at prom can have unexpected consequences. The one who inspired the joke may not be the one that gets the last laugh. True love will blossom wherever it is nurtured even if it is the result of a silly joke meant to be remembered for a laugh or two after the prom is over. For all those loving sisters who play the jokester, they may want to think twice before doing so.

11 – Life Requires Taking Some Chances

Life is full of surprises – some good, some bad. Many of the nice surprises in life can come when a chance is taken. When expectations are acted upon one never knows what will happen. Step out on faith and go for it. Reach beyond the limitations of the mind. As the old adage goes, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”