The SWEETEST Photos You’ll See All Year!

FeatureIMGThere’s something so innocently beautiful about children with Down Syndrome. This genetic syndrome affects thousands of children each year, and it’s very likely that you know someone who is affected by the disability. Still, that doesn’t stop people from discriminating against those with Down Syndrome.

Photographer Julie Willson experienced this discrimination herself when her younger sister was diagnosed, and she now works every day to take pictures of children with Down Syndrome so that the world can see their light, joy, beauty, and happiness. Check out these photographs she took. Who knows, you just might be the reason someone else smiles today.

Without further ado, check out these photographs taken by Julie Willson!


#15 Julie Willson has been a photographer much of her adult life. Usually, she takes pictures of children and their families for holiday cards and back to school photo albums. But, she recently started doing things a little bit differently.


#14 Willson had a younger sister, Dina, who passed away four years ago of Congenital Heart Failure. Dina also had Down Syndrome, and CHF is a very common cause of death in these patients.


#13 But, while Dina was living, Willson was constantly feeling inspired by her joy and resilience. So, she decided to honor her memory by taking photos of other children living with Down Syndrome.


#12 Down Syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome in the 13th place. It can happen to anyone and is typically diagnosed before birth. When these babies survive labor, they face a myriad of health issues. Still, there’s no way to deny that children with Down Syndrome can still be productive members of society!


#11 Due to recent scientific advances, children with Down Syndrome can actually expect to live long, happy lives. Still, it’s incredibly important to help them enjoy childhood and experience as much joy as possible.


#10 Willson has repeatedly said that Dina was “the best thing to ever happen” to her family. Isn’t it funny how sometimes, things that seem unexpected at first, actually turn out to be our biggest blessings?