Disorganized? 15 Unlikely Traits That Actually Mean You’re Smart

featured-imageHow can you tell if someone is smart? Is it in the way they look? Or how they carry themselves? Do their grades in school matter? How can you really be sure?

Well, according to scientists, determining someone’s intelligence is much simpler than having them take an IQ test! Smart people tend to have very specific traits that allow them to think quickly and be more clever than others. In fact, there are about fifteen qualities that the smartest among us exhibit.

Curious as to whether or not you’re as smart as (or smarter than) you think? Keep reading to find out!

#15 A Bad Mouth

001--15-a-bad-mouth-506105A study published in the America Languages Journal found that people who swear often are far more likely to have a high IQ and a large vocabulary. In addition, they are more likely to be articulate and have a better grasp on their emotions! Who knew that having a bad mouth could have so many good benefits?


#14 You’re a Multitasker

002--14-you-re-a-multitasker-506119If you have a short attention span, this could be because you’re very smart! Researcher Tom Chesire has suggested that highly intelligent people tend to multitask because it helps their ever-spinning minds to calm down. Next time you catch yourself watching TV, writing an essay, and making a phone call all at the same time, remember that it’s because you have a high IQ!

#13 You Aren’t The Best Student

003--13-you-aren-t-the-best-student-c20a298c5542805c90f313939983f952Sometimes, really smart people aren’t actually the best students. This is because they often get bored too easily in school. This is something we can all relate to, but scientists say that putting smart people in more advanced classes, regardless of their performance, will be the best for them in the long run!

#12 You Sell Yourself Short

004--12-you-sell-yourself-short-506249Due to a concept known as the “Dunning-Kruger effect,” smart people don’t usually realize just how intelligent they are. They are usually highly self-deprecating and hard on themselves, despite having super high IQs. There’s a message for all of us here- be confident and sure of yourself!

#11 You’re Messy

005--11-you-re-messy-506107Smart people tend to be more creative than normal people, but we’re still having a hard time understanding how this makes them messier! Researchers at the University of Minnesota found that those with high IQs in messy environments tend to function better than those with high IQs in clean environments. Who knew!

Aside from being messy, what else do smart people have in common? Keep clicking to find out!