15 Ways Your Dog Shows You His Love

FeaturedDogsNearly 50% of people in the United States have a dog for a pet. We can’t blame them! Dogs really are a human’s best friend. They seem to be unconditionally happy and positive and are always ready with a kiss if you’ve had a tough day. But, how do you know if your dog REALLY loves you? We spoke with the experts to get some insider information. Obviously, dogs can’t talk to us to tell us what they think, but we feel pretty confident that they would agree!

Check out the 15 surprising and secret ways your dog says “I Love You!”

#15 He Enjoys Your Company

001--15-he-enjoys-your-company-506623Starting us off is a simple fact that everyone should know… if you love your dog, it’s pretty likely that he or she loves you back! Dogs are naturally happy and affectionate creatures, and a lot of people feel comfort in knowing that their pet will always care about them.

This is pretty cute, but our cutest fact of all is on slide 12!


#14 He Follows You

002--14-he-follows-you-507607Sometimes, owners walk their dogs. Other times, the dog seems to be walking the owner! However, imitation really is the highest form of flattery. So, if your dog always seems to be following you around, it means he or she loves you and wants to be just like you! Isn’t that precious?