15 of the JUICIEST Confessions from Massage Therapists

featured-imageEveryone needs a good old fashioned massage sometimes. After all, having a complete stranger  gentle rub away your worries is pretty luxurious. But, have you ever wondered what your massage therapist is really thinking? No shame- most people have experienced this before!

Worry no further! We have put together a list of the 15 juiciest confessions from massage therapists so that you can get inside their head and learn a bit about what life is like in America’s most sensual profession!

Keep reading to find out the 15 top things your massage therapist doesn’t want you to know!

#15 Many people think of sex as a human need. So, if you believe that line of thinking, this confession is completely understandable!


#14 Yikes! It’s not too often that jealous significant others getting in the way of finding a job. Our guess is that this is a pretty common problem for massage therapists, though.