Son Strikes Back At Mother-In-Law’s Petty Comment And Wins The Internet


Being a new parent is hard work. When you’re juggling a job and other priorities too, raising kids can get challenging. What you don’t need when you’re trying to keep things together and make a good life is someone from the outside looking in and criticizing.

So, when one woman’s mother-in-law started complaining about her cleaning, the son struck back and his reaction went viral!


Full Disclosure – Clint’s A Blogger

Clint runs the “No Idea What I’m Doing” Daddy blog on Facebook. He’s married to Mel Edwards and he charts their journey into parenthood and shares it with his fans on the social network. That means he has a bit of an audience.

Clint’s Mom Interfered In Their Relationship

Clint says that he was minding his own business when his mother called and asked him, “Doesn’t it bother you that Mel won’t keep a cleaner house?”

He says that he let it go at the time but it continued to play on his mind for weeks following the event.

He Acknowledges This Wasn’t Spite

Clint says that it’s important to recognize that his mother wasn’t looking to start a fight. She wasn’t trying to drive a wedge between him and Mel. The question appeared to stem from genuine curiosity on his mother’s part.

Clint Says His Relationship Is A Partnership

He says he thinks his mom misunderstood how relationships work now. He said, “She’d obviously noticed that our home wasn’t all that tidy. Not that it was only Mel’s job to clean it. I see our marriage as a partnership, so cleaning is as much my responsibility as it is hers.”

He Admits The House Is Often A Bit Messy

Clint freely admits that his house is often full of what he calls “kid clutter.” He says that he sees that as a natural result of the fact that he and Amy have two jobs between them. He says that it’s so much a part of the way things are that he never even thinks about it.

Could It Be This Was A Generation Gap At Work?

Clint then took a look at how his mother and father had lived. He remembers a time when his pop told him that the way a woman kept her house was important in deciding who to marry. It had completely slipped his mind until then.

He Says That He’s Not His Dad

Then the lightbulb went on. Clint realized that he wasn’t his father. His expectations weren’t the same and he needed to explain to his mom what the difference was. So he called his mom and told her, “I didn’t get into this marriage for a clean house. I got into it because she seemed like someone I could spend my life with.”

Mom Conceded On The Spot

You know that his mom never meant for this to be mean because she acknowledged immediately that this was the right thing. She said, “Well … that probably is more important than a clean house.” We agree with Clint and his mom, don’t you?