Rescue Dog Attacks Toddler, But Mom Is Thankful When She Learns Why


The Svilicic family decided to take in a dog from a shelter who previously endured a sad, abusive life. Though Khan the Doberman Pinscher was a rescue himself, he learned to show his gratitude to the Svilicic family in a life-altering way. Read on to see how this unforgettable dog changed a little girl’s life.


A Family Expands

Catherine Svilicic and her family, who lived in the small Australian town of Atherton, already had their hands full with 17-month-old Charlotte. But they wanted to expand their family, so they took in rescue dog, Khan, a Doberman Pinscher. Little did they know that their dog was special.

A Ruff Start

Khan had endured a sad, abusive life before joining the Svilicic family, so Catherine wasn’t sure how he’d react to young Charlotte. Doberman Pinschers are also considered by some to be more aggressive than other dogs, or bad for small children. But happily, Khan and Charlotte quickly became inseparable. But soon, their bond would be tested.

A Mother’s Worst Fear

Four days after joining the family, Khan and Charlotte were playing together in the backyard garden. Catherine looked out the window to check on the pair when she saw a terrifying sight: Khan was acting aggressively toward the child; he charged at her, grabbed her by the diaper, and tossed her several feet. How could the dog do this to a toddler?

An Unforgettable Attack

Catherine ran to the scene to save her daughter but noticed tiny Charlotte was stunned but physically fine. Her attention turned to Khan, and she noticed he was acting strangely: Catherine had heard him yelp after dropping Charlotte, and he then collapsed in the family home. Something was seriously wrong with the dog to make him act so strangely — but what was it?

It All Happened So Fast

Catherine knew Khan’s life was on the line and she needed to take him to the veterinarian. Using the strength of a mom in shock, she quickly scooped up the heavy dog and her child and hopped in the car. The drive was far and tense, and Catherine didn’t know if Khan would make it.

A Terrifying Reptile & An Unlikely Hero

Once at the vet, the family learned Khan had been bitten by a snake. Not just any snake: the King Brown Snake, which is the second most poisonous in the world! Catherine realized Khan put himself between the deadly reptile and little Charlotte to save her, even though he’d only known her for days. But would the hero dog make it?

A Long And Difficult Night

The vet quickly administered an anti-venom on Khan, and the family was told it was time to wait and see. Khan would be in for the fight of his life, and all they could do is wait. So Catherine and Charlotte returned to Atherton to pass time until morning. Things looked bad, and not even the vet knew if he’d make it.

The Next Morning



Morning came, and the family returned to the vet after a tense drive. The doctor’s face said it all when they arrived: with a smile, he told them Khan fought hard and was doing great! The family was ecstatic: their hero dog had saved toddler Charlotte, and he had made it through a difficult recovery. Rescue pets, even with a sad backstory, can show their appreciation to their kind owners in amazing ways.