This Pit Bull Finally Gets Her Adoption Papers, But Refuses Leave Her Best Friend Behind


Dogs are often deemed man’s best friend because of their incredible loyalty and unconditional love. This female pitbull terrier has proven this to be true! After time at an animal shelter, the young dog had finally found a home. But she absolutely refused to leave without her tiny best friend! Read on to find out more about this unlikely bond…


Rescue Pups

In 2014, a female pitbull named Merrill and a male chihuahua named Taco were given away by their owner. The dogs found themselves at Rocket Dog Rescue, an animal shelter in San Francisco. The staff at the shelter soon figured out how close this unusual pair was! 

Best Friends Forever

Even though Merrill is way bigger than little Taco, the two were inseparable. They had spent their entire lives together. The dogs would even cry if they were apart for just a moment.  But it was quite possible that the best friends would become separated by adoption!

Splitting Up?

At Rocket Dog Rescue, a man laid eyes on Merrill and fell in love. He signed the paperwork, and approached the pit bull’s cage to take her home. But Merrill refused to leave Taco behind. What the two did next completely stunned the man!

A Package Deal

As the guy tried to take Merrill home, both she and Taco cried uncontrollably. The man didn’t want to separate them, but just couldn’t take in two dogs. So, he left them both behind. From there, the shelter advertised that these two besties would have to be adopted together! But would a loving family take the two of them in?

A New Family

A family from San Jose, CA stumbled upon Rocket Dog Rescue’s website and thought Merrill and Taco were adorable. They traveled to the shelter and automatically felt connected to the two dogs. Finally, Merrill and Taco had found a new home! But everything afterward wasn’t peaches and cream, particularly with Taco…

Health Issues

Taco, an older dog than Merrill, was sadly suffering from an enlarged heart. The family took the dog to a specialist who put him on medication and steroids. With the treatment and love of Merrill and his family, Taco’s heart issues soon got a lot better. That allowed him to get back to fun moments with his best friend!

Social Media Adventures

With Taco feeling much better, he and Merrill could have more good times. The two love to play and cuddle with each other and their family. So much so that their family soon created a Facebook page for the two which has thousands of fans. But Merrill and Taco are happy just having each other!

Forever Love

Merrill & Taco do pretty much everything together. Taco jumps and sits on Merrill all the time, and they run around outside constantly. These two best friends even fall asleep next to each other! Thank goodness that this family was able to keep them both. The bond between them truly is unbreakable!