The Naked Truth Of ‘Dating Naked’ Is Hardly What You’d Expect


Dating Naked is the dating show with the twist that the couples are always… well, naked. Of course, that leaves plenty of room for drama and we’ve been behind the scenes to get you the juiciest Dating Naked stories.

You won’t believe what goes on when the cameras are off.


Jaidyn Cayden Arrived For Her Audition Naked

Jaidyn is one of the show’s most popular contestants and to win her place, she skipped clothes altogether.

She said that she figured as she would be nude on the show, why not be nude when she arrived for her audition? It worked.

It Was A Bit Of A Domestic Flop

Dating Naked was competing with another source of naked people. There’s the Internet which is awash with naked folks; it’s also awash with non-pixellated versions of the show sold in other markets.

That meant ratings in the US were poor and they only broke the 1 million mark once.

They Claim To Have A Purpose For Dating Naked

Amy Paffrath, the show’s host, says it’s not just cheap titillation.

Instead, she wants to point out that Dating Naked was meant, “to strip away barriers and leave them in a very raw, vulnerable position so they have nothing to hide behind.”

Advertisers Weren’t Keen On Dating Naked Either

Low ratings are a problem. Advertisers refusing to be aired? That’s a bigger problem. Some of VH1’s biggest corporate advertisers decided that they didn’t want their brands associated with nude people on a dating show.

It’s hard to pay for a show that’s not making money.

Diane Poulos Refused To Take Care Of Her Lady Parts

While many contestants are only “dating” in hopes of furthering their acting career, Diane Poulos wanted to make sure that’s all that happened.

So, she stopped washing downstairs during the filming and refused any grooming for her hair down there too.

The Men Were Obsessed With Each Other’s Bits

The ladies apparently rarely mentioned each other’s boobs but the guys all felt the needed to compare themselves to each other.

One of the contestants said, “They all talked about it the whole time.” They were probably worried that they didn’t measure up for the camera.

Some Of The Flirting Was Coerced

Dating on camera isn’t 100% natural and while there were no scripts for Dating Naked, some of the cast claim that they were told what to say during breaks in filming.

People wanted to see flirting, not a lack of sexual chemistry.

Jessie Nizewitz Got The Most Naked

Jesse Nizewitze ended up suing the show when her nudity was left unpixellated and shared with the nation. She demanded $10 million from the network. She got $0.

The court pointed out that she should have read her contract before filing suit.