Man Loses Wife Hours After She Gives Birth, But Her Pregnancy Blog Would Soon Give Him New Hope

In 2008, young couple Matt and Liz Logelin were happily married and expecting their first child. They excitedly prepared for the birth, but a terrible tragedy would soon strike and change a life forever. However, a pregnancy blog Liz kept would soon offer a glimpse of hope and healing. Read on to find out more about this couple’s story…


High School Sweethearts

Matt and Liz met at a gas station as high school seniors and began to date. Even when they separated for college, the two were committed to a long-distance relationship. Though Matt went on to get his masters degree as well, he left after graduation to finally be with Liz in Los Angeles. And soon their little family would expand!

Baby Makes Three

The couple got married in 2005. A few years later, they found out they were expecting a baby girl! Matt and Liz were absolutely thrilled with the idea of becoming parents. They even shared updates on a special pregnancy blog! However, the pregnancy, sadly, didn’t come without its share of complications.

A Rough Pregnancy

Liz went through a tough and high-risk pregnancy, experiencing severe morning sickness and other health issues. Doctors eventually had to perform an emergency C-section, with baby girl Madeline born prematurely in 2008. The new parents were hopeful that everything would be okay. However, things would soon take a turn for the worst…

An Unthinkable Tragedy

After five weeks on bed rest, Liz was wheeled out by nurses to finally see her newborn again in the NICU. However, Liz suddenly passed out before she even could get there. The new mom passed away from a pulmonary embolism, leaving Matt to raise their daughter alone.