Why You Haven’t Seen Much of This ‘Harry Potter’ Star Lately


Rupert Grint became a household name in the early 2000’s after being chosen to play Ron Weasley, our favorite famous wizard’s sidekick, in the Harry Potter series. Though he spent the better part of the next decade earning his place in the film world, his aspirations outside of the Potter series fell flat – and from odd jobs to unfavorable movie roles, we go in depth as to why this red-haired Brit may have completely lost favor in Hollywood.


He Couldn’t Separate From Ron Weasley

At a certain point, it became hard for the youngest boy of the Weasley clan to distinguish himself from his character, even stating that he found it very hard to separate where Ron ended and he (Rupert) began. After filming, Grint continued to revisit his famous role in two short films for Universal Studios, The Hogwarts Express and Harry Potter and the Escape From Gringotts.

He Considered Quitting Acting Altogether

In fact, Grint became so attached to his Harry Potter character that he talked about quitting acting altogether after the series ended in 2011. It wasn’t something he aspired to do, though he did state in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that, “I fell in love with it while I was doing it.”

His Career Aspirations Fell Flat

When the money started coming in from the Potter series, Grint spent most of it on a 1974 Mr. Whippy Bedford van. And so he began to live out his childhood ambitions of becoming an ice cream man, spending summers driving around the local villages and serving children sweet treats.

He Slacked Off Between Filming

While other components of our favorite childhood trio were out snagging roles in Broadway shows and graduating from Ivy League universities, Grint took it easy between Potter films. The films he did play a role in – Driving Lessons and Cherrybomb – were either met with mixed reviews or completely ignored by critics. Hard to say which one is preferable.

His TV Series Was Passed On

Unfortunately, even the projects that Grint took on after Potter filming suffered similar fates. In 2013, he signed onto a pilot for CBS called Super Clyde, which ended up not getting picked up by the network. When producers finally did move forward, they decided to shoot a brand new pilot with a completely different cast. Ouch.

So He Turned To The Big Stage

And though Grint’s stints in Hollywood were ultimately not well received, his performance on live stage was met with applause. His stage debut, Mojo, earned rave reviews in 2013, and just one year later, Grint got his big break on Broadway in Terrence McNally’s, It’s Only a Play.

And His 2016 Film Earned Negative Reviews

In 2016, Grint found his way back to the big screen with a role in Moonwalkers. To say it earned negative reviews would be an understatement – critics left scathing remarks on Rotten Tomato, calling the film a “fake comedy” and an “overtly silly, mod-and-LSD rendition of ’69 London that seems on loan from the Austin Powers sets.”

He’s Not The Only Weasley With A Twin

To add insult to injury, this red-haired star looks suspiciously like another famous Brit. In 2011 – directly after the filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II – Grint even took it so far as to play an obsessive look-alike stalker in Ed Sheeran’s music video, Lego House.”