Doctors Tell Wife To Pull Comatose Husband’s Plug, But Then The Unexpected Happened


Things appeared to be going well for Matthew and Danielle. The two met at college while studying for final exams. Things moved fairly quickly and the two fell in love. While making plans for the rest of their lives, life itself threw them a tragic curveball and Matt’s life was at risk.


Love At First Sight

Matthew and Danielle’s storybook romance began with love at first sight in 2010. Danielle was studying for her finals in the library when Matthew noticed her.¬†Matthew knew he should ask her out before she left his life for good.

Building The Nerve

But Matthew was shy and it took him nearly four months to muster up the courage to ask her out. When he finally took her on a date, Danielle was thrilled and two hit it off right away. Their relationship grew exponentially over the next couple of months.

Getting Serious

Matt and Danielle could be seen with each other at all times. Even though Matt was only 22 and Danielle was only 23-years-old, the couple could feel things getting more serious. Popping the big question was only a matter of time.

Happily Ever After?

They two had only been with each other for two months before Matthew proposed. Danielle obviously said ‘yes’ and they moved quickly to tie the knot. After the beautiful wedding, the couple lived together in Georgia amongst their friends and family. Everyone thought this was their ‘happily ever after.’

The Accident

However, seven months into the newlywed couple’s marriage, tragedy struck. In July 2011, Matt was riding to work on his motorcycle. A car was illegally parked in highway’s merging lane and Matthew survived, but some no less terrible occurred.

The Traumatic News

Matthew was in critical condition but survived the accident with a traumatic brain injury and multiple bodily fractures. He was put on life support and induced into a coma. No one, including Danielle, knew if he would ever wake up. But that didn’t stop her from staying near his side.

A Loyal Companion

Danielle remained by her husband’s side for nine days. The doctor’s told her Matthew only had a 10% chance of living and it would be time to pull the plug. Danielle decided to bring Matthew home to care for.

The Happiest Of Endings


Matthew stayed in a comatose state for nearly three months. He never moved as Danielle spent all of her energy helping him to wake up. Eventually, Matthew woke up! After a few weeks of physical therapy, he let out his first words, “I’m trying.” Even though he lost all memory of meeting Danielle, he fell back in love with her and the two finally lived happily ever after.