Concerned About Daughter’s Strange Behavior, Parents Turn To Nanny Cam


Trusting a child with a stranger is one of the hardest things for a parent to do. The nightly news often features stories on nannies caught abusing children on camera. Whitney and Chris decided to move forward with hiring a friend from Facebook. Everything seemed fine until their young daughter’s behavior started to change.


Welcoming A Brand New Baby Girl

In 2011, Whitney and Chris Matney welcomed a brand new baby girl into their family. Raylee was born a healthy child full of love from her new parents. Now that the baby was born, Whitney wanted to finish law school.

Finding A Friend

It’s difficult for any parent to trust a stranger with a child. But it’s nearly impossible not to rely on childcare while working and going to school full time. Her diligent search for a caregiver led her to post the position on Facebook. She received a reply from a familiar face.

A Prospective Candidate

Whitney received a message from a former classmate Melissa Medema. Since she knew the mother, Melissa was moved to the top of the list of possible candidates. The two women met to discuss the job and determine whether or not it was a good fit.

The Experts Weigh In

Experts agree that searching for a nanny is difficult and tedious. In an interview with ABC News, expert Susan Tokayer says, “You really can’t do too much to confirm that you’re hiring the right person. You need to do a diligent background check and digital digging.”

A Good Fit?

Whitney did her due diligence. She scoured Melissa’s Facebook profile and even contacted the reference, who gave Melissa a stellar recommendation. Whitney decided it was time to do have a meeting with her daughter to see if it would be a good fit.

Something Strange

On the day of the meeting, Kaylee and Melissa seemed to really hit it off. When the two parents arrived home after the first day, Kaylee seemed healthy and happy. But later that evening, the young girl began to cry and seem afraid of being approached by anyone.

Nanny Cams Don’t Lie

After a while, Raylee’s nap time appeared to increase and she showed signs of exhaustion. Soon after, Raylee appeared frightened of Melissa. The poor young girl would run and hide when the nanny came over. Whitney decided it was time to set up a nanny cam to get to the bottom of her daughter’s strange behavior.

Changing The Broken System

When she came home the next day, Whitney found the camera facing the wall. After reviewing the footage, Melissa had been caught committing multiple acts of child abuse and neglect. Luckily, there was no permanent injury to the young child and Melissa was reported to the authorities.

But since Melissa had no prior record, she could only be charged with a Class D felony. Melissa is now utilizing her law degree to enact legislative change in Arkansas for stricter laws on child abuse.