8 Celebrity Chef Scandals To Satisfy Any Foodie’s Taste For Gossip


Celebrity chefs are all the rage these days. However, with great fame comes great attention from the media, and it’s not always positive. Some of these chefs got off easy for their mistakes, while some ended their careers because of what they did. So, what exactly did they do?


Guy Fieri Accused Of Homophobia

A former producer on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives alleges that Fieri made deragatory comments about homosexuals: “You can’t send me to talk to gay people without warning! Those people weird me out.” Fieri’s representatives deny these claims.

Robert Irvine’s More-Than-Fudged Resume

Dinner: Impossible chef Robert Irvine’s resume included experience cooking for 4 US presidents, among other wild claims which were exaggerations or outright false. He has recovered now, though he did temporarily lose his cookware line and Food Network show.

The Alleged Daily Drug Use of Nigella Lawson

The host of Food Network’s Nigella’s Kitchen was accused by former employees for daily use of cocaine and prescription drugs, which came from testamonies during the court case surrounding this issue. Her lawyers called the claims “totally scurrilous.”

Mario Batali Sued For Stealing Tips

117 employees of Batali and his partner’s NYC restaurants sued them for unfairly taking part of their tips on alcohol sales to pay a sommelier’s salary. The suit was eventually settled with a payout of $5.25 million.

Gordon Ramsay’s Very Own Email Scandal

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s father-in-law and ex-business partner Chris Hutcheson hacked into Ramsay’s email trying to find incriminating information, seemingly unsuccessfully, since nothing came out. Ramsay pressed charges, and Hutcheson got six months in jail.

Paula Deen Seems To Be A Racist

Southern chef Paula Deen was dropped from the Food Network over her persistent use of the n-word. She soon came back on her own Roku channel, though has since tweeted a pic of her son in brownface. Not cool.

Anne Burrell’s Discrimination Suit

Anne Burrell’s former employees at her also former NYC restaurant sued her for calling them “slutty,” “saggy,” “ho,” and “stupid dumb whore,” etc. Not sure how that turned out, but since then she’s had various Food Network shows.

Martha Stewart Can’t Be Left Off This List

When Martha got caught for insider trading and ended up serving five months, it was huge news. Her time in jail arguably did her career more good than harm, landing her an entertaining collaboration with Snoop Dogg, among other things.