Children Of Famous Celebrities All Grown Up: #5 Is Simply Inspiring


FotorCreatedProfessional athletes put in the effort and time to hit it big in the world of sports. This usually requires a combination of tiring exercise routines and strict diets, but it is all worth it on the road to becoming a champion. Some sports legends even have the time to start a family, despite their strenuous schedules.

Children of the pros have a lot to live up to from the moment they are born, and they have big shoes (or cleats) to fill. These young sports kids have been in the spotlight the majority of their lives, allowing spectators to watch them grow. These kids have really transformed in front of our eyes, and #10 is a knockout!


15. Marcus Jordan Knows How To Make Moves On The Court

001-15-marcus-jordan-knows-how-to-make-moves-1095722You can’t even imagine the sport of basketball without NBA star Michael Jordan. This retired basketball legend is now the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, and who could forget his lead role in the 1996 comedy Space Jam. His son Marcus Jordan didn’t waste his talents, and he played for the UCF Knights in college. He is quite the businessman as well, and his opening of the “Trophy Room” shoe store in Disney World in 2016 proves he takes after his father.

14. Brooke Hogan Knows Best, On Screen And In Front Of A Microphone

002-14-brooke-hogan-knows-best-on-screen-and-1095725Hulk Hogan is a household name in professional wrestling, and he’s had his fair share of time on television. His daughter, Brooke Hogan, isn’t holding back when it comes to seeking fame. She has starred in her own reality show Brooke Knows Best, and she has even tried her hand at singing. Brooke Hogan is destined for stardom, just like slide #12!

13. Simone Alexandra Johnson Can Smell What The Rock Is Cooking

003-13-simone-alexandra-johnson-can-smell-wh-3352368b889aa55e408554c5f512e722Dwayne Johnson, better known as “the Rock,” is a WWE phenomenon. His wrestling career has been followed by a rather successful acting career, and his daughter has been there for the ride. She loves mimicking his catch phrases, but she is sure to watch her language at all times. Slide #7 isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

12. Kendall Jenner Has Seen It All From The Catwalk

004-12-kendall-jenner-has-seen-it-all-from-t-1095729Bruce Jenner has caused quite a stir in recent years. This Olympic gold medalist has decided to transition to being a woman, and she now goes by Caitlyn Jenner. Her daughter Kendall has risen to fame in her own right, becoming a reputable and successful model. You can catch both of them on Keeping Up with the Kardashians as well, and their transformations are downright epic. The next slide isn’t a stranger to the silver screen either.

11. Patrick Schwarzenegger Is Terminating The Silver Screen

005-11-patrick-schwarzenegger-is-terminating-1095731Arnold Schwarzenegger has not limited himself to his Terminator fame. He is also a businessman, investor, as well as author, and his son Patrick doesn’t plan on being left in the shadows. Patrick is a model and actor, and he recently made an appearance in Ariana Grande’s “Right There” music video. He’ll be back, that is for sure.

10. Laila Ali Can Pack A Hard Punch

006-10-laila-ali-can-pack-a-hard-punch-1095733Heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali is an inspiration to everyone across the globe, and his daughter Laila Ali is keeping the dream alive and well. Laila has was a professional boxing champion, and she entered competitions between the years 1999 and 2007. Although she has since retired her gloves and left the ring, she kept her father’s perseverance and determination alive. Slide #8 has no intentions of giving up!

9. Trevor Gretzky Took The Field By Storm

007-9-trevor-gretzky-took-the-field-by-storm-7ae616e0a659b7f28678fdd581926a21Wayne Gretzky is a former Canadian ice hockey player known as “The Great One,” so his son Trevor was bound to make his name in professional sports. Trevor’s passion doesn’t live in the rink, he actually rose to fame from his time on the baseball field. His father’s success led him to follow his dreams, no matter what sport he pursues.

8. Bronny James Is Young, But He’s Dreaming Big

008-8-bronny-james-is-young-but-he-s-dreamin-1095739LeBron James is a name everyone knows, and his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers is nothing short of legendary. His 12-year-old son Bronny James is also looking to make his mark in the NBA, and his stellar skills on the court show he is well on his way. LeBron James assures fans that his son will stay a kid as long as he wants, the next slide can’t help but act way past her age!

7. Gianna Bryant Brings The Sass At All Times

009-7-gianna-bryant-brings-the-sass-at-all-t-0dd68f351d4e30b94d4bc559568426e0Kobe Bryant’s NBA career spanned 20 years with the Los Angeles Lakers, and he now has a family to focus on. Retirement from basketball stardom doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his fair share of drama, and his adorable daughter Gianna Bryant knows how to bring the heat. She made headlines when she mimicked her dad’s “serious face” at a press conference, and she knows how to get an audience’s attention.

6. Shareef O’Neal Stands A Chance To Follow In His Father’s Basketball Fame

010-6-shareef-o-neal-stands-a-chance-to-foll-bf8ebf7725ff4122b1e828bdccaf03efShaq is a major part of basketball history, and his son is following close behind. Shareef O’Neal is an impressive 6 foot 8 inches tall, and his basketball skills are nothing short of amazing. He is still in high school, but he is already getting recruited for college basketball, naturally. It seems that Shareef’s future is already bright. The next slide decided to go another route, and it’s simply inspiring.

5. Earvin III Johnson Is Making His Way, And It’s Fabulous

011-5-earvin-iii-johnson-is-making-his-way-a-1095751NBA star Magic Johnson needs so introduction, and neither does his son Earvin III Johnson. Earvin shook up the world a few years ago when he came out as gay to the public, and he isn’t afraid to step out of his father’s shadow and make a name for himself. One thing is for sure, his makeup game is on point.

4. Peyton and Eli Manning Follow Their Family Tradition

012-4-peyton-and-eli-manning-follow-their-fa-1095754Archie Manning is an NFL legend, and his sons don’t fall too far behind. Archie’s career spanned 16 years as a quarterback, and his son Peyton is now known as one of the best quarterbacks ever. Eli Manning has also become a notable quarterback for the New York Giants. Both boys are making their father very proud when it comes to football fame.

3. Jarrett Payton Has His Eyes On The Prize

013-3-jarrett-payton-has-his-eyes-on-the-pri-1095758Walter Payton is well-known for his NFL career as a running back, and his son won’t let his legendary career be forgotten. Walter’s son Jarrett Payton has also risen to NFL stardom as a running back by playing for the Tennessee Titans, making his father very proud. Just like slide #1, Jarrett knows how to keep the legend alive.

2. Aaron Elliston Jones Is His Father’s Superhero

014-2-aaron-elliston-jones-is-his-father-s-s-c4853d12f1e51f422f845d1ed6a70088It’s hard to be any tougher than X-Men star Vinnie Jones, but his son proves to be superhuman in his own right. Aaron has wanted to be in the armed forces since he was a small child, and when he turned eighteen he entered the army and prepared to go on active duty in Afghanistan. His father thinks his soldier son is the real tough guy, and he couldn’t be more proud.

1. Amy Palmer Saunders

015-1-amy-palmer-saunders-1095853Arnold Palmer was nothing short of golfing greatness, and his iced tea almost as amazing. After his passing, he left behind two daughters, Amy and Peggy. Amy’s son, Samuel Saunders, rose to golf championship fame. He continues the legacy of professional gold stardom, keeping the family tradition alive and his grandfather’s name a keepsake in the world of professional sports.

It can be difficult having a famous athlete as a parent, but these kids are definitely hitting it out of the park. These gifted children aren’t so little anymore, and it literally happened right in front of our eyes. Talk about keeping it in the family. Whether they have decided to keep the winning legacy alive, play it safe out of the spotlight, or hit a homerun in a different profession, these young prodigies have definitely transformed in a big way. Comment your favorite athletic family or share so your fellow sports fanatics can get an update on these rising stars!