A Mother Discovered This Unbelievable Fact About Her Daughter’s Relationship That Is Sure To Warm Your Hearts

Nicholas Sparks–one of the most renowned romance novelists of our time–once said, “There are winds of destiny that blow when we least expect them…”

That said, Sparks himself might as well have written the story of Heidi and Ed Savitt’s love, especially after the mothers of both parties discovered something incredibly baffling after meeting for the first time.


Started As A Campus Crush

Heidi and Ed both met during their undergrad years at Newcastle University in 2011; Heidi studied Economics and Management, while Ed was going for Business and Psychology. You’d think the couple would’ve crossed paths in the same building or even taken the same class at some point, but the two actually met somewhere totally different.

Laundry Room Troubles

Day after day, Ed spent a lot of time trying to get the dryer in his student housing development to work. He eventually decided to ask for help, to which he turned to Heidi after finding her name and phone number on a community board in the development. After reaching out and meeting, it was evident to them both that something had clicked, so Ed made the first move and asked to take Heidi out on a date.

It Was Love

Fast-forward four years and the two are as happy as ever. So happy, in fact, that they decided it was time for the next pivotal step in their relationship: meeting each other’s parents. It wasn’t until Ed’s mother and Heidi’s mother got to talking that the two learned what they learned.

Meeting The Parents

Heidi and Ed held a dinner event for their families to meet, at which Kay (Heidi’s mother) and Fiona (Ed’s mother) exchanged stories from times when they used to vacation with their children. Turns out, both had actually taken their families to Gumbet, Turkey when their children were younger. But that’s not what made their jaws drop.