Hunted Hyena Pulls Off Amazing Maneuver That Will Leave You Amazed


Hyenas are smarter than our ancestors, the chimps, and can be more deadly than lions. These often underrated creatures are clever, even though their eerie laughs make them seem like a thing from nightmares. Australian photgrapher Marc Mol photographed a fight scene between a hyena and a pack of wild dogs, and what the cackling creature does to escape will shock you.


Cornered With No Way Out

A pack of eight wild dogs surrounds the stranded hyena. The hyena bares its teeth, preparing to fight off the violent pack. There are more of the wild dogs but the hyena is bigger, stronger, and is built to kill.

All Hope Is Lost

The hyena snaps back at a dog as the pack attempts to strand it by a river bank in the Sabie Sand game reserve in South Africa. He must fight off eight wild dogs that are quickly closing in on all sides.

Panic Mode

Wild dogs hunt in packs and use their considerable stamina to deplete their prey’s energy, making it easier to go in for the kill. The pack nips at the hyena, trying to force it into a state of panic.

The Lone Warrior In A Long Fight

The attack lasted longer than a usual hunt would, mostly because prey becomes exhausted after a few minutes of such high anxiety fighting. The brave hyena refused to give up, and started to use his smarts to fight back against the gang of beasts.

Breaking Up The Squad

Wild dogs respect rank, and usually won’t attack without direction from the higher ups. The hyena understood this and used it against them. By breaking up the orientation of the pack their ranks were broken, but what this clever guy does next is genius.

Finally Saved

The hyena catches a break and rushes towards the river. The dogs are slow to react because their ranks have been broken and weren’t expecting to fight this long. It should have been an easy kill for these bullies, but the lone hyena has other plans.

A Long Fought Victory

Shockingly, the pack was too frightened to go into the water. Even though the hyena was outnumbered eight to one, it found a way to escape his grisly fate. Eventually, the pack gave up and slouched away, leaving the hyena a free animal.

Free At Last

Finally free, the hyena returns to its pack and recoups from a day of intense fighting. Even though the fight couldn’t have lasted more than a couple hours, the thought of being eaten is enough to make anyone want to take a very long nap.