These Celebrities All Have A Shared Secret: They’re Twins!

We ought to expect that celebrities have twins. After all, there are famous sets of twins, but many other celebrities have a twin who isn’t so famous.

Here we share with you some really surprising celebrities and their twins. You won’t believe who is seventh on our list.


Alanis And Wade Imre Morissette

Wade is also a musician, but considering he hasn’t sold 33 million units like his sister, he’s also a yoga instructor, author, and a therapist.

There’s not as much family resemblance as you might expect from twins though.

Aaron And Angel Carter Rock It Together

Aaron and his sister Angel don’t appear to be very close. That’s because she likes to stay a long way from the limelight.

Though her other brother, Nick Carter, didn’t even attend her wedding because he was having a bachelor party instead.

Dylan And Cole Sprouse: Two Peas In A Pod

Dylan and Cole look like twins. They’ve also had a fairly twinned life since starring in Big Daddy with Adam Sandler together.

They were Disney’s best-paid child TV stars picking up a cool $20,000 for each episode that they worked on. They both got perfect grades at school and they even went to the same university!

Shawn And Aaron Ashmore

You can usually only tell these identical twins apart by their haircuts. Not only do they look the same but they both have acting careers and have both done well.

Shawn’s been in Animorphs and the X-Men and Aaron in Smallville and Veronica Mars.