An Old Photo Reveals A Jaw-Dropping Surprise For These Two Lovebirds

Two thirtysomethings looking for love decided to take their shot at online dating and found each other. After a time of dating, it seemed like they both had finally found their happily ever after. But an old photo would truly prove how it was fate for them to be together!


The Perfect Match

Amy Giberson and Justin Pounders were ultimately paired up together on Just through the internet, there was clearly chemistry between the two. The couple started texting and calling each other all the time, and finally planned to meet…

Instant Fireworks

The couple soon had their first date at a local restaurant in St Petersburg, FL where they both lived. After that, they were inseparable and quickly fell in love. The new couple, however, soon would realize some new facts about each other…

Raised In The Same Town

Both Justin and Amy both grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida. Though the two had been near each other all this time, they didn’t have any mutual friends and attended different schools. They had never even run into each other before, or so they thought!

A Preschool Crush

Justin happened to mention one day that he had a crush in pre-K on a classmate. He remembered that her name, coincidentally, was Amy. Amy lovingly joked that she didn’t want to hear about another girl who almost stole her man’s heart. But a little digging would soon reveal more about Justin’s preschool crush…