Cute But Not Cuddly: Dog Breeds all Families Should Avoid

Even though dogs are our best friends, sometimes even more so than our human friends, there are certain breeds that families should be cautious of. Although they may be cute and get lots of ‘awwwws’ from kids on the street, that doesn’t mean these dog breeds are meant for family living.


Saint Bernard: not exactly a lap dog

These guys only fault is that they are almost too friendly. Because they are easily excitable and love the snuggles, they often forget how big they are, which can be a problem for smaller kids. Even though they only want to play, sometimes their lovable nature is actually their downfall.

Australian Shepherd: kids are friends not food

These fluffy puppers are adorable and usually very well behaved, the only problem is that they can mistakenly think that small children are part of their pack and get a little too rough with them. Although they mean well, this aggressive behavior can still cause injuries.

Affenpinscher: little but mighty

These petite puppers look like the perfect dog for children to play with, however, their aggressive tendencies and impatience often lead to biting. They act more like the quirky aunt at a family dinner that secretly hates all the kids than an adorable teddy bear-like dog.

Chow Chow: the fluffy guys

These dogs look more like toys than living beings, but these dogs need a lot of training and leadership rather than cuddles and playing. This can be difficult with small kids who just want just want to hold them like a stuffed animal.