Couple Adopts Cute Pup From The Shelter But Never Imagined What He’d Grow To Be

Sue Markham and her husband Robert decided to take in an adorable puppy that Sue fell in love with at a shelter. The two couldn’t help but love the dog, who was officially named Yogi. But the couple also affectionately call their furry friend, Bear, and you’ll soon see why! 


A Little White Lie

At the shelter, Sue discovered that the pup was a Boston Great Dane.  Robert did not want a big doll at all in their home. So Sue told a little fib. She told her husband that Bear was a small Jack Russell terrier, who wouldn’t grow up to be that big. Boy, was she wrong….

That’s No Jack Russell


Not too long after Bear’s adoption, Sue’s fib was discovered. At only five months old, Bear was much bigger than any other Jack Russell terrier he came across. By that point, Robert already had a major bond with the pup and would never imagine giving him up. But Bear wasn’t done growing at all!

Bigger Than Average

After nine years with his family, Bear is now approximately a whopping 200 pounds! The average size of a Boston Great Dane is 135 lbs. That makes Bear 65 lbs heavier than normal!  Thankfully, his parents have learned to care of the dog’s massive needs.

A Bear’s Life

Because this Yogi Bear is so large, a regular blanket won’t do when it’s cold outside. The Markhams had to get a horse blanket just to be able to keep him warm. Bear also has his own three-acre paddock to run around. He definitely needs the exercise, because his nutrition is off the charts. You won’t believe how much this couple pays for his food!