8 TV Characters Who Look Completely Different In Real Life


Everyone assumes the world of TV and Hollywood is uber glamorous, but for many actresses, that’s far from the case.

They’re often required to take on an unflattering or dowdy look for a role that is so different to their usual appearance they seem like another person. Some are so convincing some fans fail to even realize they are the actress behind their favorite character.

How many of these TV stars do you recognize off-screen?


Melissa Rauch, The Big Bang Theory

As Bernadette Rostenkowski on The Big Bang Theory, Melissa Rauch is definitely a cutie, but who knew she looked like this in real life? Without the glasses and thick fringe, we hardly recognized the actress. We wonder if her voice is fake too?

Lizzie Caplan, Mean Girls

As Janis in Mean Girls, Lizzie Caplan was Lindsay Lohan’s hilarious BFF, but away from the movie, she looks completely different. The heavy eye-liner and wacky haircut really helped Lizzie transform into the quirky teenager, but we’re glad she didn’t keep the look.

Shannon Purser, Stranger Things

Poor Barb from Stranger Things. She was killed off and forgotten about within the first few episodes of the Netflix show, leaving fans demanding justice for Lindsay’s dowdy best-friend. Away from Hawkins though Barb looks to be doing great. She’s ditched her frumpy wardrobe, over-sized glasses and is a complete red carpet queen.

Gwendoline Christie, Game of Thrones

Brienne of Tarth is a sword swinging fighter who could defeat any warrior in Westeros. In real life though, actress Gwendoline Christie is pretty different. While Brienne wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress, Gwendoline is ultra glamorous and known for her incredible red carpet style.

Phyllis Logan, Downton Abbey

There’s not much glamour involved in being Downton Abbey‘s head housekeeper, Mrs. Hughes. ITV did such a good job with the actress’ appearance she looks almost unrecognizable. As well as appearing far younger, Phyllis Logan is far more radiant and happier looking than her TV counterpart.

Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory

Without Amy’s iconic glasses and over-sized eyebrows, Mayim Bialik looks nothing like her Big Bang Theory character. It also means she gets to show off those incredible blue eyes, which should definitely be featured more on the show.

Taylor Schilling, Orange Is The New Black

As inmate Piper Chapman on Orange Is The New Black, it’s not a surprise Taylor Schilling spends most of the show looking bedraggle, tired and generally fed up. Off-screen Taylor is far from her Litchfield persona and is a complete blond bombshell.

Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones

Tomboy Arya Stark is Game of Thrones‘ young, sassy assassin who is battling to get revenge for her slain family. Unlike sister Sansa, she’s not interested in being a pampered princess and is happier covered in mud, or killing her enemies. Off screen though, gorgeous Maisie Williams is a fashion favorite who is known for her edgy and youthful look.