8 Photos that Prove Yoga is Just about Aesthetics


Yoga is a ‘thing’ now for many millennials…mostly because it looks good on an insta feed. It’s one of the only athletics that make you look majestic rather than a sweaty mess, which is a part of the reason we love it. These photos will turn your need for fabulous aesthetics into motivation to actually work out.


The Sorority Pose

We did it folks, yoga is now a group activity. If you’re someone who is constantly updating their social media you know that group photo’s with the girls are a must. A photo of you doing crazy athletics will keep those likes coming.

The Classic Beach Photo

Nothing screams ‘I’m on spring break’ quite like a yoga beach pose. It’s also a great excuse to post a bikini photo. No millennials’ Instagram feed is complete without one of these classic beach poses, which is less about yoga and more about showing off.

The ‘Bet you Can’t do This Pose’

Let’s be honest, yoga is an art and most of us are talentless. Some people are truly skilled, though, and they want you to know it. These poses are all about showing off what they can do…and what you can’t.

The Interior Design Yogi

Some people like to show off their minimalist home (fully decorated with thrift store recycled furniture) by conveniently sharing yoga pictures. You can always tell people’s real intentions by seeing if there’s more background to the photo than the actual person.

Near Death Yoga

Who thought it was a good idea to marry parkour and yoga? I think we all agree that doing downward facing dog straddling the sides of two buildings or executing a one-handed tree pose on a mountain is a little too extra.

These Yoga Pants Make my Butt Look Good

Yoga pants have become a fad, but more because they accentuate curves and are comfy AF. How else are you going to show off your new athletic wear without posting a yoga pic? We finally found a way to turn yoga into a fashion show!

The Celebrity Yoga Pose

I’ve been told that celebrities are just like us, so it’s not surprising that they post stereotypical yoga poses too. With celebrities like Jennifer Aniston showing off their balancing skills, it’s not surprising that we often follow suit.

The Hippy Dippy Trippy Aesthetic

The hippy look is in, and some people just need a platform to show off their Rastafarian style. Doing yoga while sporting poofy patterned pants and tasseled jewelry is the ultimate down to earth look. We all have our own look, but yoga was invented for this aesthetic.