8 Brilliant Hacks To Up Your Gardening Game


If you’re looking to keep your plants looking better than ever, these simple gardening hacks are here to make your life easier. Perhaps you’re having issues with excessive drainage, neighborhood animals, or even keeping your plants watered when you’re away? Fear not, for these gardening tips and tricks are here to help address common gardening problems and provide simple hacks to keep your plants happy and healthy.


Use Diapers Or Coffee Filters As Drainage Control

What do diapers and coffee filters have in common when it comes to gardening? Placing either in the bottom of a potted plant is a great way to prevent excessive drainage. Putting a diaper beneath the soil is a great way to help your plant retain water, keeping the soil moist much longer than traditional draining. When it comes to coffee filters, they can be super handy if you’ve got a planter with extra large drainage holes. By placing a filter over the holes, you’ll keep your dirt in while still allowing extra water to drain out.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Coffee Grounds

Having trouble convincing neighborhood cats your garden isn’t a litter box? Simply sprinkle some coffee grounds or citrus peels around your plants to alert feline kind that the area is a no-go zone. Due to its acidic nature, coffee is also a great natural fertilizer. Try using coffee grounds in your garden and you may just discover your roses dig it as much as you do. Next up, you’ll see how other beverages, or at least their containers, can help water your plants hydrated.

Keep Your Plants Watered Even When You’re Away

Getting ready for the weekend and find yourself too embarrassed to hire a plant sitter? Never come home to dead or thirsty plants again by utilizing a simple wine or soda bottle. Just fill up your bottle with water and stick it upside down in the dirt near your plants. The water will release slowly over time and keep your plants happy even when you’re not around.

Enlist The Help Of Eggshells

Though eggshells are one of those items that most people tend to trash without a second thought, they are actually quite useful when it comes to gardening. First of all, they make great, biodegradable seed starters that you can plant right into the ground. They are also great for pest control. Just crumble up a few and sprinkle them around your plants to keep bugs at bay. Last but not least, eggshells can even be used as fertilizer. Just toss a couple into your blender and work them into your soil. As they decompose, they’ll give it a nice little calcium boost. Not only do you want to start saving your eggshells, you may want to think twice before tossing your next empty milk container for use in our next hack.

Make Your Own Watering Can

The perfect gardening can for watering your plants can be hard to find, not to mention a tad bit expensive. Customize your own by using a leftover container such as a milk jug or empty plastic kitty litter container. Just make sure the inside is clean, poke holes in the top and shower your plants with watery goodness.

Make Your Own Mini-Greenhouse

It’s a rough world out there for a seedling. Give yours their best chance against wind, cold, and intruders by making them mini-greenhouses out of the top of an old 2-liter soda bottle. Just cut the bottom 1/4 off the of the bottle and lower it over your plant. Think twice before tossing smaller soda or water bottles as well. As you’ll see in the next trick, they can come in super handy for saving soil in deep planting pots.

The Deep Planter Soil Saver

If you’ve got a super deep planter you’d like to utilize, don’t feel like you’ve got to fill the entire tub with soil or even line the bottom with rocks. To create better drainage and airflow while reducing the pot’s weight, try lining the bottom with old soda bottles or pool noodles before adding soil.

Make Your Own Garden Markers

There’s nothing more frustrating than finally getting your garden planted, only to forget which seed you planted where! Don’t let it happen to you by making your own fun garden markers. You can use things like colorfully painted rocks, popsicle sticks, or even the tops of broken pots.

Hopefully, these fun and easy gardening hacks will help make life easier for you and whatever you may decide to plant these season. Happy gardening!