50 Years After Their Heartbreaking Split, College Sweethearts Reunite Through A Surprising Source


Janice Rude and Prentiss Willson first met over 50 years ago and were head over heels in love. They were soon engaged but were soon forced apart by a conflicting ultimatum from Janice’s own father. Decades later, they found their way back to each other through an unpredictable source! 


Love At First Sight

Janice and Prentiss first met at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California, back in 1962. The two first met in the cafeteria, where Janice worked regularly. For the two, it was truly love at first sight, and they continued to grow as a couple…

College Sweethearts

Janice and Prentiss began to spend all of their time together and knew that they were meant to be. The couple decided to get married and announced their engagement in a local paper. Many people in their lives were happy for them… except for one very key person.

A Father’s Concern

Janice’s father, a working-class man, couldn’t relate to Prentiss or his intellectual parents. He ultimately thought that Prentiss was unsuitable for his daughter. He even went as far as to tell Janice to cancel the wedding. He forced his daughter to make a crazy choice…

A Terrible Ultimatum

Janice’s father gave her an ultimatum. Either she would refuse to marry Prentiss, or he would stop paying for her college tuition. Having to choose between her true love and her education, Janice had a hard decision to make…

A Heartbreaking Decision

Though Janice’s mother tried to help her with the tuition, the financial support was, sadly, not enough. Needing her education, Janice succumbed to her father’s pressure and broke off the engagement. The two were both heartbroken but went on to lead their own lives apart…

Separate Lives

Prentiss became a very successful tax attorney in San Francisco, while Janice took over her family business in Nevada. They both were also married (and then divorced). But it was after the death of their mothers that they were surprisingly able to find each other again. 

A Surprising Keepsake

As they went through their mothers’ things, Janice and Prentiss both found a newspaper article that first announced their engagement. The article brought back all of these overwhelming emotions. 35 years later, the two met again and decided to give their relationship another chance. But, after all this time, would it work? 

A Romantic Reunion

After spending some time together, Janice and Prentiss finally were married in August 2012. In honor of their mothers bringing them back together, the two even used the original engagement announcement on their wedding invites! The two now live in Napa Valley, CA, and are more in love than ever!