15 Most Elegant Dog Breeds For Fancy-Pants Owners


Dogs have long been known as man’s best friend. These cuddly furballs come in all shapes and sizes, varying in color, hair length, and so many other factors. But one thing that not all dogs share is elegance. While some are dopey and silly, others are sleek and graceful. Here are the top 15 most elegant dog breeds you can find.


Saluki And Greyhound

Salukis and greyhounds are very similar. It’s almost like they’re the same dog, split into two different flavors: one with long hair and one with short hair. Both are fast, stream-lined animals that have a slim build and a long, graceful snout. But what about some smaller dogs?

Maltese And Papillon

If you’re more a fan of small dogs, consider the Maltese or papillon. Both of these dogs are extra fluffy and fun-sized. But don’t let their size fool you: these dog breeds are far from ordinary! They’re both very intelligent and loving, making them perfect lap dogs, but if you’re looking for a more assertive character, consider these next breeds.

Pharaoh Hound And Doberman

These two dogs are some of the most regal looking breeds in this collection. While they both share upright ears and sleek coats, the two can be very different when it comes to temperament. The pharaoh hound has a reputation for being patient and gentle, while Dobermans take careful socialization and training to become the loving pets that they can be.

Looking for something a bit more fluffy? Look no further…

Shih Tzu And Poodle

Looking for more of a diva to take care of? Look no further than the Shih Tzu or the poodle! These adorable dogs are known for their grace and beauty. Better yet, they both have very playful personalities (sometimes even bordering on mischievous!). Or, if you’re looking for a more athletic companion, consider these next dog breeds.

Weimaraner And Rhodesian Ridgeback

These two medium-sized dogs are both known for being great family pets. Where they differ, however, is in their temperament. While a Weimaraner may be a great fit for an active family, it needs to keep busy to prevent destructive behaviors. The Rhodesian Ridgeback, however, is known to be gentle and a great companion. But these aren’t the only active breeds out there!

Border Collie And Shetland Sheepdog

Border collies and Shetland sheepdogs are both sheepdog breeds, which means that they’re going to be high in energy and intelligence, as they’re bred to herd sheep. They love to run around and play outside, and they do it with the grace and beauty. These two sheepdogs live up to their luscious locks, just as these next breeds do!

Afghan Hound And Irish Setter

Both these dog breeds find their grace in two places: their coat and their movement. Both have been praised for their sleek, long coats, and they certainly live up to the look, as they walk gracefully next to their owner.

And if you’re looking for an underdog…

Great Dane

It seems like Great Danes have a reputation for being dopey, giant, and somewhat overwhelming characters, but in reality, they’re quite docile and sweet. While the owner must be up for some of the challenges that come with taking care of a dog this large, these gentle giants are sure to melt your heart.