We Rank The 8 Most Loyal Dog Breeds – Did Your Dog Make The List?


There’s a reason the dog has earned the name “man’s best friend.” Dogs are some of the most loyal creatures found on the planet. While most people would make the argument that their dog is the most loyal, there are some breeds that are generally considered to be more loyal than others. Did your dog make the list?


The Lovely Lassie

It really should come as no surprise that the breed that starred as Lassie tops our list. A herding breed, Collies are known for being loyal and protective of their family. They’re great with children and other animals, making them a great choice for a growing family.

The Loyal Labrador

The ever-popular Labrador Retriever is the next breed on our list. One of the most popular dog breeds the world over, the lab is highly intelligent, active, gentle, good with children and extremely loyal to his owner and family.

Small But Mighty

The Yorkshire terrier may be the smallest of the terrier breeds, but he stands tall when it comes to being loyal. These little powerhouses make great watchdogs since their protective natures won’t hesitate to alert you if there are strangers around.

A Happy Guy

Like their cartoon counterpart Snoopy, beagles are sweet, intelligent, gentle, and always happy to see you. Beagles are extremely loyal to their owners. They’re often used by law enforcement because of their extraordinary sense of smell and eagerness to please.

The Powerhouse

The Jack Russell terrier is a highly energetic breed that is known for their big personalities. They are quite intelligent, athletic, and require a high level of mental and physical stimulation to be content. Their owners are rewarded with an extremely loyal and affectionate pup.

A Gentle Giant

The Old English Sheepdog is an intelligent and friendly dog who was originally bred to, you guessed it, herd sheep. He is extremely loyal and will put those herding instincts to good use by protecting his family as if they were his herd.

A Working Machine

Bred to be a working breed, German Shepherds are used for everything from law enforcement to seeing eye dogs. These highly active dogs have a desire to please and their intelligence and loyalty make them an excellent choice for a family pet or service dog.

A Hot Little Dog

Whether you call them doxies, wiener dogs, hot dogs or dachshunds, this diminutive breed with the short stubby legs and long bodies are well known for their loyalty. As with many dogs on our list, the dachshund was bred to be a working dog and loves to have fun and play.