Dog Stares Daily Out The Window – The Reason Why Will Warm Your Heart


If you’re a pet owner, then you will know that your special furry friend has its unique personality traits, habits, likes and dislikes. We instinctively know when something is wrong with our fur-child. This dog owner was concerned when her dog stopped looking out of his favorite window and started acting depressed. Here’s what happened.


What Exactly Is He Staring At?

Reddit user, kacyyy, noticed her dog staring out the same window every day across the yard toward the neighbor’s house.  She was puzzled, but at first, she figured he was longing to go outside and play as most indoor dogs do when their busy parents spend most the day at work.

Staring Right Back At You

One day as her dog continued his daily ritual of staring out the window, kacyyy observed that there was a cat in the neighbor’s living room window staring right back at her dog. Their eyes were locked in a deep, long stare.

Just Friendly Neighbors?

Kacyyy thought it was very sweet that her dog and the neighbor’s cat had a special little friend. Her dog seemed to be really happy and enjoyed being preoccupied with his little friend. But one day her dog started acting really weird.

What’s Wrong With Her Dog?

Instead of staring out of the window like he normally did, her dog laid on the floor and acted depressed. He wouldn’t even touch his food. Something seemed to be wrong so kacyyy took him to the vet to for a checkup.

The Vet’s Diagnosis

The vet asked the usual questions about her dog’s diet, activity, and behavior and determined there was nothing wrong with him. When kacyyy mentioned how the dog had been staring out the window at the neighbor’s cat for weeks on end and started acting depressed, the vet laughed.

The Problem Is In Plain Sight

Although there was nothing physically wrong with her dog, kacyyy had to find out why he was acting so depressed.  She wondered why exactly he had stopped looking out the window.  Sure enough, when she looked out the window the neighbor’s window looked very different.

Where’s My Little Friend Gone?

The neighbor’s window was full of plants! Kacyyy put two and two together and realized that the reason why her dog was acting strangely was that he couldn’t see his cat friend anymore with all the plants in the way.  It seemed his depression was symptoms of being “lovesick” and lonely.

Appealing In the Name Of Love

Kacyyy decided to write a note to her neighbor explaining her dog’s special love for the cat and asked the neighbor to remove the plants. Her neighbor was quick to respond and removed the plants. After that, both animal owners were happy to find that their furry friends got straight back to their daily routine of staring out the window. Kacyyy was delighted that her dog was back in fine spirits and was no longer sad.