8 Photos Prove A Mother’s Love Is Like No Other

A mother’s bond with her child is a love like no other, and this includes animals. It doesn’t matter if you are human, a dog, a tiger, or a bird, a mother will do just about anything to protect and nurture her child. Take a look at eight photos that prove this unconditional love between animal moms and their babies. You’ll love the photo on slide #6!


No One Messes With A Mother’s Babies

You don’t want to mess with this chicken and her chicks. She uses her feathers to cover her young chicks from any potential outside threats on the farm. She hovers over her babies to keep them safe and warm.

Another Protective Bird With Her Goslings

Birds have an easy method for protecting their young children from harm. This mother goose is practically sitting on her goslings to cover them with her feathers. We bet it’s nice and warm underneath her feathers! She’s there for them until they’re ready to fly.

A Baby’s First Teacher

A mother is a baby’s first teacher. This photo shows a mother elephant teaching her young calf how to properly drink from a watering hole. The calf will soon pick up on her mother’s habits and master the drinking habit.

A Mother Bear And Her Cubs

You always hear the saying, “Don’t come between a mother bear and her cubs.” Well, the saying is true. Mother bears protect their cubs as they grow. For example, this mother polar bear is shielding her cubs from any harm in the arctic environment.