8 Cats That Will Crack You Up


People are funny. Sometimes it’s on purpose, like telling a joke. Sometimes it’s by accident and it involves being awkward or clumsy. Cats can be funny too, but you’d guess that it’s pretty much always on accident, right? These cats make it clear it’s not important whether it’s on purpose or not, as long as you laugh.


Soup’s On!

This handsome fellow’s owner admitted to being out of work for a few weeks and it appeared one of his cats stepped up to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

Other cats might have made another suggestion as far as who to eat.

Avoid Eye Contact At All Costs

This fluffy is clearly not to be messed with! That is some adorable fury. The person who took this pic said: “I think my cat is terrorizing my dog.” Yeah, no kidding.

Another hallmark of all felines is unmistakeable grace.

Insert Cat A Into Lap B; Instructions Unclear

Our feline friends are known for their endless grace. But any cat owner will tell you that sometimes things don’t exactly work out the way they plan. But they’ll sure try to make it look like they meant to do it!

Speaking of totally intentional…

Wait, This Happened How?

So, how exactly does this happen? And as far as the person who took this pic, was he or she summoned there by a pathetic-sounding meow or did they just open the closet door to see this?

There are more pathetic things than getting stuck in some hangers.

Truth In Advertising?

As you can see from the box, cats are supposed to love this particular product. It even says “CATS LOVE IT!” As you can see from the cat, they sold you a box full of lies.

Apparently, cats don’t like strange things on their heads.

This Cat’s First Birthday Might Be Your Last

It should be plainly obvious this cat is not having a happy birthday. For starters, cats don’t care about silly human traditions like birthdays. Also, that cat will end your life and then go back to wrecking your blinds without a single thought.

Speaking of blinds…

Oh, You’re Home Early! I’m Redecorating

Some of the feats of agility cats do seem to defy physics. But this furry little scamp seems to have found a way to defy reality as we know it. Like, speechless. Just… HOW?! At least this cat’s owner probably knows what to expect.

You should always know what to expect.

With Friends Like These…

Everyone has that one friend who will go to any length to embarrass them. Whether it’s tripping them in public, telling an embarrassing story, you know it’s going to happen eventually. Cats, it seems, have that same exact problem.